Comfortable Being Right

Since the big event of turning 50, a few years ago, I've noticed I don't really want to listen to what other people think any more. I used to listen to other opinions a lot. I wanted to enrich my own ideas and opinoins, checking my thoughts against what others were thinking. Now, I feel I'm mostly right. Sure there are some areas I don't know a lot about. That's always been the case.

I am set in my ways, and I don't think that is a bad thing.

I'm not stubborn about it. Not belligerent or bossy or expecting everyone to do things my way. When you really know you are right, you can be quiet about it. Sooner or later the rest of them will come around, you are right after all.


My Current Blogroll

This is my current blogroll of writing links from WordGrrls. There are doubles because I re-add links fairly often. So far I haven't found something which lets me know I already have a link on my blogroll. I also need to make time to check them for link rot. They should be fairly ok though. I do have a link checking plugin - when I run it on WordPress.

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